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    Do your students wonder how all that clean, safe, economical water gets to their faucets? Your students need to know that drinking water is a valuable, limited, engineered resource. Expand your water curriculum to include drinking water topics. Join us for our fourteenth year of the award-winning WaterWorks Institute in St. Paul, Minnesota.

    Program Overview

    Investigate drinking water quality, chemistry, community resources, and inquiry-based activities for your classroom. This intensive, three-day, hands-on workshop allows upper elementary and middle school science teachers to enrich their water-related standards and come away with new teaching ideas and information from expert presenters on the engineering, chemistry, geology, people, and politics of how drinking water is delivered to your home and school. Meals and resource binder provided. Choose between two graduate credits or a stipend – both will require your attendance at a Saturday follow-up session in fall 2014 (date to be determined by the group). Housing is not provided.

    Teachers from the St. Paul area will have priority in the selection process, but science teachers from anywhere in the state may apply.

    Join the more than 250 science teachers who have participated in WaterWorks over the last fourteen years, and make plans to integrate the topic of drinking water into your science curriculum.

    2014 WaterWorks! Institute

    August 4-6, 2014
    8:30-3:30 p.m.
    MINNCOR Industries
    1450 Energy Park Drive, Suite 110
    St. Paul, Minnesota 55108-5219

     Apply Online By Clicking Here 

    With questions, contact Lee Schmitt, lschmitt@hamline.edu 651-523-2562

    The WaterWorks Institute is co-sponsored by the Minnesota Department of Health, the American Water Works Association, and Hamline University School of Education's Center for Global Environmental Education. For more information on WaterWorks visit http://health.state.mn.us/water/institute/index.htm.

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