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    Teacher Institutes

    The Center for Global Environmental Education professional development teacher institutes are based on a philosophy of inquiry-based learning. We focus on science education through intense, real-life experiences. We celebrate education and help teachers in the trenches be better teachers. The Center offers the following teacher professional development institutes:

    Download a flyer of all of the 2012 Minnesota institutes. Click on the links below to learn more about each teacher institute.

    current institutes

    Rivers Institutes - Mississippi and St. Croix  

    Three-day, two-credit, field-based course that addresses the natural overlap between science processes and content and the skills of literacy, using rivers as the context.

    WaterWorks! Institute

    Hands-on workshop. Science teachers come away with new teaching ideas and information from expert presenters about how drinking water comes to your classroom.

    Rivers Institute - Trinity River

    The newest Rivers Institute, held in the Trinity River watershed in Texas for Texas teachers.

    BioTIC – Biotechnology and Microbiology for Teachers In the Classroom

    Provides inquiry modeling/practice and curriculum enrichment in three Life Science sub-strands of the Science Standards: Cells, Heredity, and Human Organism.

    The TIMES Project – Teaching Inquiry-based Minnesota Earth Science

    Hands-on for earth science teachers. Provides first-hand content background in regional geology while modeling an inquiry-based pedagogy.   

    Customized Professional Development

    The Center also offers customized workshops for districts, schools, and groups of teachers.

    past institutes

    Chem4All and Physics4All

    Bringing science teachers together to review standards, concepts, strategies, and resources for a new demographic of student.

     MnSTEP – Minnesota Science Teachers Education Project

    Provides grade-appropriate, standards-based summer science workshops. Over 900 teachers have participated since summer 2007.

    PhASE – Physics Accreditation for Science Educators  

    An additional licensure program for Minnesota science teachers who are interested in teaching high school physics.

    ChemCAL – Chemistry Coursework for Additional Licensure

    An additional licensure program for Minnesota science teachers who are interested in teaching high school chemistry.