•  Urban Education Summer Scholars  

    The Urban Education Summer Scholars (UESS) program recruits, supports, and retains teachers of color who express a commitment to pursue a career in education in an urban setting. Scholarship recipients participate in a classroom internship experience within the Saint Paul Public Schools as well as workshops that focus on issues in urban education.

    Since 1997, Travelers Foundation, Minnesota Private College Council, Fund, and Research Foundation, Saint Paul Public Schools, and Hamline University’s Center for Excellence in Urban Teaching have partnered to sponsor the UESS. Summer 2008, marked the 11th year of this pre-service teacher program.

    Program Opportunities 

    UESS scholars attend seminars and workshops focused on eliminating the achievement gap, and gain hands-on experience working in urban and urban-like classrooms. 

    The first week of the program is spent at Hamline, where the scholars participate in an orientation that focuses on promoting culturally–relevant pedagogy. Simultaneously, the scholars read current literature on the achievement gap, including work by Lisa Delpit, Gloria Ladson-Billings, Linda Darling-Hammond, and Belinda Williams. These readings serve as supporting information for internships. 

    For weeks two through six, each scholar is assigned to serve at a culturally–diverse elementary, middle, or high school, where they work daily with a mentor teacher at that school. Scholars gain experience on how to manage a classroom, enhance learners’ motivation, use culturally–competent teaching strategies in the classroom, and apply effective teaching techniques. The program culminates in week seven with a presentation that demonstrates the scholar’s growth as an educator.


    The program is funded through the generous support of the Travelers Foundation. Each scholar receives a $4,000 stipend for the summer and a $5,000 scholarship in the fall for the continuation of their studies.