• Center for Excellence in Urban Teaching

    Changing Classrooms. New Opportunities.

    Culturally, linguistically, and economically diverse youth attend city, suburban, and rural schools. This creates new and interesting opportunities for teachers in these environments.  Whether you are new to the profession or a veteran teacher, you encounter students experiencing the challenges of poverty, diversity of language and culture, violence, and varied family systems.

    The Center for Excellence in Urban Teaching (CEUT), established in 1996, is Minnesota’s pioneer organization for training and supporting teachers in applying proven culturally relevant pedagogical practices in urban and urban-like schools to promote increased educational success for all youth in Minnesota. An integral part of Hamline University’s School of Education, the Center is led by a statewide advisory board of diverse educators.

    CEUT Mission

    Provide educational interventions and resources that develop the cultural competencies for under-prepared students to achieve success.

    CEUT Vision

    Be the national expert in critical urban education programs, practices, and strategies.

    Who We Are

    What We Do

    • Urban Educators Preparation
      Current best practices about social issues, teaching, family engagement and cultural competencies to prepare educators for urban education challenges.
    • Cultural Competency Training
      Education around cultural code-switching, social and cultural norms, awareness of one’s own culture, and skills to communicate effectively in culturally diverse environments.
    • Community Programs & Services
      Educational opportunities for families in transition and teenagers or adults who have not succeeded in the educational system.
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