• Certificate in Urban Teaching

    Advanced preparation focused on the knowledge and skills required for success with students from diverse racial, ethnic, linguistic, economic, and social backgrounds.

    Today's classrooms are alive with students of many cultures, languages, and economic situations. This teaching environment is challenging, with numerous issues that significantly impact the lives and learning styles of elementary and secondary students.

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    Program Overview

    Whether you are a new teacher in an urban classroom or a veteran educator in a suburban or rural school with changing demographics, you will gain new knowledge and new skills that can be immediately applied in your classroom and schools.

    The first of its kind in Minnesota, this 10-credit program is comprised of graduate-level courses aimed at helping teachers apply successful classroom strategies for urban and urban-like learners. 

    The certificate is available online or on-campus. 

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    Certificate courses are designed to enhance the effectiveness and resiliency of new teachers. They also provide valuable information for experienced educators and other professionals working in urban environments.

    Required Courses:
    URED 7720: Intro Urban Ed & Reflective Thinking (2 credits)
    URED 7723: Managing the Urban Classroom (2 credits)
    URED 7724: Culturally Relevant Pedagogy (2 credits)
    URED 7725: Link Urban Community to Classroom (2 credits)
    URED 7731: Interpersonal Dynamics: Racism (2 credits)

    Certificate Completion

    If you believe you have completed all of the requirements of the Urban Teaching certificate, please request your printed certificate. Your transcript will be evaluated  you can expect to receive your certificate within four to six weeks after your request. Congratulations on your hard work!

    Who May Enroll

    Working teachers and educators of urban and urban-like learners, regardless of where you are located: rural, suburban or inner city schools. The courses will enhance the preparation of all teachers working in classrooms with learners from diverse social, economic, linguistic, and cultural backgrounds inclusive of novice teachers.