• Traumatic Brain Injury Certificate

    Gain the knowledge and skills you need to work with students with TBI and other special needs.

    Each year over 1.5 million people will sustain a traumatic brain injury. And more than 2,700 Minnesota children experience such an injury each year. Students with traumatic brain injury (TBI) come to schools and classrooms with a unique set of needs.

    With a TBI Certificate from Hamline, you will:

    • Gain a better understanding of TBI and its impact on school-age children and their families.
    • Explore instructional strategies to employ in the classroom.
    • Understand how to observe and assess behaviors of students with TBI and how to change behavior when needed.
    • Develop your knowledge of neurobiological disorders, including medical aspects and terminology, and their effects on educational performance.
    • Learn to understand the cognitive, social/emotional, and communication needs of students with TBI.

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    Program Overview

    Flexible Structure: Online
    Time to Complete: 12 to 18 months
    Program Begins: Fall, Spring, and Summer terms
    Curriculum: 12 credits (9 required and 3 elective)
    Cost: View current tuition rates
    Admission: No application or admission is required. Simply register for a course in this certificate to begin this certificate program.


    Required Courses: (9 credits)

    • Traumatic Brain Injury 101 (2 credits)
    • TBI: Emotional/Behavioral Issues (1 credit)
    • Biomedical Aspects of Physical and Developmental Disabilities (2 credits)
    • Neurobiological Disorders (2 credits)
    • Introduction to Shaken Baby Syndrome (1 credit)
    • Final Synthesis (1 credit) 

    Elective Courses: (3 credits)

    These can be obtained through:

    • Courses in the Autism Spectrum Disorders Certificate program
    • Other special education courses offered by the Continuing Studies Department

    Certificate Completion Process

    If you believe you have completed all of the requirements of the Traumatic Brain Injury certificate, please request your printed certificate. Your transcript will be evaluated and your accounts checked for holds. Certificates are processed monthly and you can expect to receive it within four to six weeks after your request. Congratulations on your hard work!

    Make your credits count for more. Your coursework in the TBI Certificate may be applied to Hamline School of Education's Master of Arts in Education (MAEd) and Master of Arts in Literacy Education.