• Autism Spectrum Disorders Certificate

    Whether you are a mainstream classroom teacher, parent, or other education or community professional who works with individuals identified on the autism spectrum, Hamline’s certificate will help you gain the skills and enhance your knowledge to better serve your students, children, or clients.

    With Hamline's Autism Spectrum Disorders Certificate, you will:

    • Gain the expertise to engage ASD learners in school, clinic, community, and home settings.
    • Learn from experienced and well-respected specialists in the field.
    • Develop research-based strategies to help individuals with ASD of any age that are on the autism spectrum become independent.
    • Experience the convenience, community, and connection of a fully-online program.

    Program Overview

    Flexible Structure: Fully online
    Time to Complete: 9 to 12 months
    Program Begins: Fall, Spring, and Summer terms
    Curriculum: 12 credits (10 required and 2 elective) 
    Cost: View current tuition rates 

    State Eligibility (Online Program Only)
    If you are applying to the Autism Spectrum Disorders Certificate online program, please confirm that you reside in a state where Hamline University is authorized to provide online education. (Eligibility by state)


    Contact Graduate Continuing Studies at gcs@hamline.edu for enrollment information.


    Required Courses (10 credits): 

    • SPED 7100 ASD: Introduction and Overview (2 credits)
    • SPED 7101 Proactive Behavior Management (2 credits)
    • SPED 7104 Intervention and Strategies for Students with ASD (4 credits)

    One of two courses:

    • SPED 7102 Assessment: Identification and Planning for the Student with ASD (2 credits)
    • SPED 7103 Communication, Assessment, and Intervention for Learners with ASD (2 credits)

    Elective Courses (2 credits): 

    • SPED 7105 Collaborative Transition Programming to Support Individuals with ASD Across Ages (2 credits); or
    • SPED 7106 Social Cognition (2 credits); or
    • SPED 6998 offerings (1 credit each)

    Make Your Credits Count For More

    ASD certificate courses may be applied to Hamline's Master of Arts in Education or Master of Arts in Literacy Education to satisfy elective course requirements.

    ASD Licensure-Transition Option Through MDE

    For more information about the ASD licensure-transition option, including application process and deadlines, visit the Minnesota Department of Education. If you still need to complete ASD coursework to meet the transition requirements, contact gcs@hamline.edu. Ultimately, it is the student's responsibility to utilize the information MDE shares to determine qualifications and make application documenting how you met all the ASD standards.

  • State Eligibility and Complaint Process

    State Eligibility

    Hamline University, like all higher education institutions, is required to obtain authorization from individual states to enroll students residing outside of Minnesota. Hamline can enroll students residing in most states, but please confirm whether your state is among the eligible states.  

    Complaint Process

    Hamline University is committed to providing outstanding online education. If you have a question, concern, or complaint about your online education experience at Hamline, please review our complaint process for online education at Hamline.