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    Advanced TEFL Certificate Option

    Learn more about language theory and linguistics.

    Program Overview

    • Flexible Structure: Fully online with some on-campus course offerings
    • Time to Complete: 12 months
    • Program Begins: Fall, spring, and summer terms
    • Curriculum: 11 required credits in addition to the initial 8-credit TEFL Certificate
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  • State Eligibility and Complaint Process

    State Eligibility

    Hamline University, like all higher education institutions, is required to obtain authorization from individual states to enroll students residing outside of Minnesota. Hamline can enroll students residing in most states, but please confirm whether your state is among the eligible states.  

    Complaint Process

    Hamline University is committed to providing outstanding online education. If you have a question, concern, or complaint about your online education experience at Hamline, please review our complaint process for online education at Hamline.