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    Advanced TEFL Certificate Option

    Learn more about language theory and linguistics.

    An Advanced TEFL Certificate is granted to individuals completing the following courses, in addition to the initial 8-credit TEFL Certificate:

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    ESL 7519: Linguistics for Language Teachers

    4 semester credits

    A broad, applied introduction to the study of language, including morphology (word forms), syntax (grammar), semantics (meaning) and phonetics/phonology (pronunciation), as well as the social and cognitive dimensions of language. The course emphasizes the application of linguistic skills to language instruction. In addition, the course introduces graduate level research and Internet skills.

    ESL 7650: Basics of Modern English

    4 semester credits

    Develop an understanding of the basics of English grammar both descriptively and pedagogically, particularly in areas that cause difficulties for learners of ESL. Improve your skills at error analysis and your ability to incorporate grammar instruction into your classroom in a way that is meaningful and interesting to your learners.

    ESL 7660: Second Language Acquisition

    3 semester credits

    An investigation through of how second languages are learned. Examine the factors that affect this learning -- age, environment, academic background, motivation, and developmental processes. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the language learning process and being able to communicate this process to administrators, teachers, and parents. Current research issues will also be addressed, with opportunities for teachers to apply theory to practice.

    Face-to-Face and Online Courses

    The initial 8-credit TEFL course must be completed on campus, but all of the above are offered online and can be completed from anywhere in the world through the internet. These three Advanced TEFL classes can be taken before or after the TEFL course.

    Certificate Completion Process

    If you believe you have completed all of the requirements of the certificate, please request your printed certificate. Your transcript will be evaluated for completion. You can expect to receive it within four to six weeks after your request. Congratulations on your hard work!

    Master's Degree

    An Advanced TEFL Certificate can be applied toward a Master of Arts in English as a Second Language. Hamline's MAESL can be completed in person or online.

  • Program Details

    19 semester credits total
    (includes 8 credits from TEFL Certificate)
    TEFL Certificate 
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    If you are applying to the Advanced TEFL Certificate Option online program, please confirm that you reside in a state where Hamline University is authorized to provide online education. (Eligibility by state)


    $405 per credit for 11 semester credits beyond initial 8-credit TEFL Certificate course.

    Private education loans are available to students enrolled in this program.