• Adult Basic Education Certificate

    Certificates: Adult Basic Education

    Every adult should have access to the quality educational services necessary to participate fully in community and economic life.

    As an Adult Basic Education (ABE) instructor, you are critical to providing the instruction adults need to transition into educational or career opportunities and to thrive in their communities.

    ABE instructors are needed more than ever, whether providing GED/ high school equivalency, ESL, basic skills, improvement, digital literacy, career readiness, or other adult educational programming. Not only is Hamline’s program the only one of its kind in the region, but it is taught by nationally-known leaders  in adult learning, literacy, numeracy, and ESL.

    With an ABE Certificate from Hamline, you will:

    • Understand the field of adult education and its essential components: effective communication, numeracy, and literacy.
    • Gain insight into the needs of adults for whom English is not their primary language and the implications on instruction.
    • Learn how to design courses to meet a variety of learner backgrounds and needs.
    • Develop authentic assessment tools for academic and workplace settings, including how to assess student progress in adult education programs. 

    Program Overview

    Flexible Structure:  Fully online with some on-campus course offerings
    Program Begins: Fall, spring, and summer terms
    Time to Complete: 12 months
    Curriculum: 12 credits (10 required and 2 elective)
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    Required Courses:
    (10 credits)

    • Introduction to Adult Education (4 credits)
    • Introduction to the Adult ESL Learner: Developing Reading & Writing (2 credits)
    • Course Design for Adult Education Classes (2 credits)
    • Assessments in Adult Education (2 credits)

    Note: New certificate students should begin with one of the two required introductory courses.
    Elective Courses: (2 credits)

    • Content course or courses in teaching math, reading, ESL, or science.
    • Co-sponsored courses offered in conjunction with Hamline’s ATLAS program (ABE Teaching and Learning System), such as Adult ESL Institute or STAR programs.

    Make your credits count for more. Your coursework in the ABE Certificate may be applied to Hamline School of Education’s Master of Arts in Education (MAEd), MAEd in Natural Sciences and Environmental Education, or Master of Arts in Literacy Education.