• ATLAS (ABE Teaching & Learning System)

  • ATLAS Signature Initiatives

    Please visit the complete ATLAS website at www.atlasABE.org 

    Adult ESL Institute
    A two-day intensive training event for ESL instructors and administrators from across the state. ATLAS collaborates with the Minnesota Department of Education to develop and deliver workshops addressing topics of greatest identified need or interest.

    Low-Literacy ESL Teaching
    Many ESL teachers have expressed a desire for training on effective teaching of our adult population of low-literate ESL students. To meet this need, Patsy Vinogradov has worked with ATLAS to create a new kind of professional development for teachers who work with low-literate learners. This is a study circle that will involve a small group of practitioners who will meet 3 times over a 6-week period to read research, discuss teaching strategies, apply something new in the classroom, then reflect on what they have learned.

    MN Numeracy Initiative (MNI)
    Having emerged from the results of the 2009 ABE Practitioner Survey, MNI is a new intensive, interactive, hybrid (online + face-to-face) professional development activity focused around effective practices in adult numeracy instruction.

    Practitioner Research
    An intensive and interactive development activity for ABE providers to learn about current reading and writing research, participate collaboratively in a practitioner research process, and identify data-based findings and conclusions to improve ABE teaching practices.

    Regional Training Events
    High-quality and practical professional development opportunities are available to ABE educators in seven regional areas across Minnesota. These training workshops focus on topics like basic skills education, transitions to post-secondary/workforce, English as a Second Language, and ABE program management.

    Student Achievement in Reading (STAR)
    STAR provides training and support for teachers of intermediate reading students in effectual, evidence-based practices. This reading reform initiative includes tools and resources that expand participants' knowledge of effective reading instruction for adults.

    Support Services
    ATLAS has created this site as an ongoing resource as part of our commitment to professional development opportunities for ABE program support services personnel.

    Transition to Post-Secondary/Workforce
    ATLAS is working with the Minnesota Department of Education on this three-year initiative to facilitate training and projects to help teachers successfully prepare learners for post-secondary education and the workforce.