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Adding and Changing Addresses in Banner - Who may do it

Although address information is located in one central place in the Banner database, there are several Banner forms where address information is maintained (SPAIDEN, SPAMBOX, APAIDEN, PPAIDEN, etc.)  The example given below will use the most common place of maintaining address data.

From the Key Block, enter the ID number or use one of the two ways of searching for a name.  Press NextBlock several times until the Address Information Block is visible (in a separate window).









To Change an Address

In order to maintain a history of people’s addresses, no address information should be changed by simply overtyping the information.  To change a person’s address, you should first expire the currently active address, then create a new address record using the same address type code.

To Expire an Address: 

  1. Use NextRecord and PreviousRecord to scroll down and up in order to locate the active (note the to and from dates) address of this type.  Note that each person may have only one active address of each type.
  2. With the record of the active address displayed, position the cursor in the “To Date” field, and enter yesterday’s date in that field (see “Entering Dates” above).
  3. Press the Save button (or press the Save function key) to commit your changes to the database

To Add a New Address:

  1. Use NextRecord to scroll down to make sure that an existing active (note the to and from dates) address of this type does not exist.  If so, see “To Expire an Address” above.
  2. Move the cursor to a blank address record, or press CreateRecord to open a new (blank) record.
  3. From the Address Type field, enter the address type code, or use ListFieldValues to list valid codes.  Press NextField (Enter) to move to the “Address Line 1" field.
  4. Enter one or more lines of the street address in mixed case with no punctuation marks.  See “Postal Abbreviations” and “Postal Standards” below for additional information.  Press NextField (Enter) to move to the City field.
  5. Enter the City, State Code, and Zip Code (9 digits if you have it or Skip the City and State Code, and enter the Zip Code to allow Banner to fill in the City and State for you.
  6. If the address is not a US address, enter the appropriate Nation Code, or use ListFieldValues to list valid nation codes.
  7. If you know it, enter the Area Code and Phone Number at this point.
  8. Press the Save button (or press the Save function key) to commit your changes to the database.

Who may add or change an address in Banner

Since addresses are shared among various offices on campus, and since maintaining accurate addresses for admits, students, alums, vendors, and employees is very important, who is allowed to change addresses must be closely controlled.  Addresses of each type listed below may be changed or added only by those offices listed.



AR/AP Check Address

Accounts Payable, Student Accounts


Billing Address

Student Accounts


Business Address

Law & CLA Alumni Offices, Graduate School


Current Non-Mailing Address

Law and CLA Alumni Offices


Forwarding Address

Post Office


Law School Message Box

Law School Registrar


Current Mailing Address

Registrars (all), Graduate School, Alumni Office (for students not currently enrolled), Admissions (all)


Campus Mailbox & MailStop

Post Office


Parent’s 1st Permanent Address

CLA Registrar, CLA Admissions


Parent’s 2nd Permanent Address

CLA Registrar


Permanent Address

CLA Admissions, CLA and Law Registrar


Refund Check

Accounts Payable, Student Accounts


Remit To Address

Accounts Payable


Summer Address

Post Office


W2 Address


NOTE: Training on how to add, change, or expire an address will be provided by your supervisor.