• Hamline Plan Proposal - Writing Intensive (T)

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    I. General Information

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    II. Course Information 

    1) A writing intensive course will designate specific written communication objectives appropriate to the course and the discipline.

    What are your objectives for this course, and how do you think a writing intensive approach will help to accomplish them? 

    2) A writing intensive course will provide opportunities for students to practice writing with guidance from the instructor, allowing feedback before the final product and building upon a student's writing strengths.

    What opportunities will you provide for guiding a student's writing?

    For example, how will you coach students during the writing process? How will students receive feedback about their rough drafts? Suggestions and motivation for revision before the final paper? Might you use one-on-one conferences or small groups?


    3) A writing intensive course will focus on the written communication process as well as the product.

    How will your students focus upon the process of developing writing skills and strategies?

    For example, how might a writer's notebook aid students in your course-in writing reflections upon the content of the course? - in writing ideas and thoughts for class discussion? For short papers, how might you use prewriting and planning, collecting and selecting information, organizing evidence, rough drafts, and revising as well as expecting rewriting, editing, and proofreading?


    4) In the context of assessment, copy and paste a brief syllabus (or assigned work and method of student evaluation).



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