• Hamline Plan Proposal - Speaking Intensive (O)

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    I. General Information

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    II. Course Information 

    1) A speaking intensive course will designate specific oral communication learning objectives appropriate to the course and the discipline. What are your objectives for this course, and how do you think a speaking intensive approach will help accomplish them?

    For example, your speaking intensive goals could include any of the following:

    • to increase a student's ability to listen
    • to present lab results clearly
    • to explain data
    • to respond to theoretical questions in a stress situation
    • to use evidence and organize it coherently
    • to argue a case
    • to contribute to the progression of a group task
    • to lead discussions
    • to emphasize and clarify textual meaning through vocal expression

    An instructor might also have analysis of oral communication as a primary goal, such as analysis of group communication variables, assessment of organizational communication variables, designing appropriate verbal and nonverbal response therapeutic interventions based upon assessment of family communication dynamics, etc.

    2) A speaking intensive course will provide opportunities for students to practice and analyze oral communication behaviors. What opportunities will your students have to gain insight into their communicative options, to practice oral communication skills, and to understand the relationship between their communicative choices and the consequences they experience?


    3) A speaking intensive course will focus upon the oral communication process as well as product. What procedures will you use to help your students develop effective oral verbal skills?

    For example, coaching, conferencing, responses to outlines, discussion about discussion, individual logs analyzing one's own class participation, assessment of small group communication processes (including self-assessment), etc.


    4) In the context of assessment, copy and paste a brief syllabus (or assigned work and method of student evaluation).



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