• Hamline Plan Proposal - Lead (W)

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    I. General Information

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    II. Course Information 

    1)  LEAD classes are designed to give students a deeper understanding of course objectives through completion of a minimum of twenty (20) hours of work or service that is related to one or more of the course objectives.

    A. What course objective(s) will be more attainable because of students' engagement in work or service?


    B. What kind of work or service will students do?


    C. In what ways will student service or work help achieve your objectives?


    D. How will you integrate the work or service with academic learning?


    E. How many hours do you estimate your course will involve students in these experiences?


    2) In LEAD classes, students are asked to take a leadership role in formulating academic, professional, and personal learning objectives and the steps they will take to achieve them.  How will you incorporate student responsibility in these areas?


    3) LEAD classes incorporate reflective work to help students connect theory and practice, deepen their understanding or communities, explore their value, interests and abilities and develop skills for leadership. What kinds of reflective work will you incorporate?


    4) How will you assess student learning?


    5) Please copy and paste a syllabus or course outline and a proposal for course assessment along with your responses to the above questions.


    IV. Approvals

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