• Hamline Plan Proposal - Individual Ability in Learning (Q)

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    I. General Information

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    II. Course Information 

    Every student will complete one integrative learning experience (usually during the junior or senior year) in which the student works with a faculty advisor to identify a question, design appropriate methods of study, and choose a means of presenting the results. This experience will not necessarily involve a separate course credit except for traditional independent studies and student teaching. Faculty legislation, November, 1985

    Traditional courses that typically carry the Individual Ability in Learning designation (Q) are:

    1. senior capstone experiences in the major, or
    2. courses that require students to design, gather evidence, implement and assess a research project.

    Respond to the following questions to describe how your course will meet the goals of the faculty legislation as stated above:

    1) What portion of the student's work in the course will be devoted to the substantive independent learning project?

    2) How will the course prepare and encourage students to identify for themselves a question for independent investigation that will incorporate previous coursework related to that subject matter?


    3) What methodological approaches will the course highlight, and what degree of independence will the student exercise in selecting the methods of research for her/his project?


    4) What guidance will the course provide in the student's selection of bibliographical and other sources?


    5) Give examples of the forms in which students might present their research. 
How will students be encouraged to exercise independence in determining the form in which to present their research?


    6) Copy and paste a syllabus or course outline and a proposal for course assessment.



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