• Hamline Plan Proposal - Cultural Breadth (G, I, L)

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    I. General Information

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    II. Cultural Breadth Requirements

    Which area of cultural breadth does this course address?

    NOTE: Some Cultural Breadth courses may carry multiple designations, for example, G & L, G & I, or L & I. Although taking such a course would satisfy the necessary distribution within a student's Cultural Breadth Requirement, it does not alter the three course minimum. (In other words, a G & I course does not count as two courses.)


    III. Course Information

    Address the following questions with the understanding that the emphasis and approach of courses will vary, particularly with respect to questions 2 and 3. Quoted phrases refer to faculty legislation.

    1. In what ways will this course expose students to unfamiliar cultures and to different social positions and help them to engage and appreciate diversity? 
Specify how in its character as a G, I or L-designated course, or combination thereof, the course will do this.


    2. What skills will students acquire to help them "effectively interact across differences?"


    3. Cultural Breadth courses should include "Reflective Understanding." How will this course-- in its character as a G, I, or L course (or combination thereof)--increase students' understanding of the concept of "culture" and its problematics, and enhance their awareness of the historical and geographical contingency of cultural norms? 
In what ways will students' "personal reflection" play a role?


    4. How will the course syllabus make explicit the Cultural Breadth dimensions of this course, including, in particular, the course's G, I, or L character (or combination thereof)?


    5. In the context of assessment, copy and paste a brief syllabus (or assigned work and method of student evaluation).



    IV. Approvals

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