• Hamline Plan Proposal: Computer Intensive (C)

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    I.  General Information

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    Maximum Class Size:

    Effective Term:

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    II.  Computer intensive requirements




    Average amount of computer time
    per week per student

    Schedule of reserved computer time
    per week per student

    Assistance needed from
    computer staff (if any)


    III.  Course information

    A computer intensive course will designate specific computing learning objectives which are relevant to the course and the discipline.

    For example, in a political science, sociology, economics, or psychology research methods course students may need to develop statistical analysis techniques.  Learning how to use statistical software would be relevant to this objective.  For a skill to be useful, it must extend beyond the student's experience at Hamline.  As an example, a course in which students use hyper-text or multimedia documents should engage students not only in previously developed materials, but in the creation of such documents as well.

    1. What are your objectives for this course and how do you think using computers will help you accomplish them?


    2.  How will students be able to take computer skills learned in this course beyond Hamline?


    A computer intensive course must expose students to the use of computers in a significant way. Because word-processing is a skill addressed in the first-year writing course, it does not generally meet criteria for a computer-intensive course. In all cases, a minimum of 15 hours of "hands on" computer work is expected of each student. For example, a student might be required to attend an introductory help-session on the use of spreadsheets or network-based literature searches and then develop skills throughout the semester, involving the student a number of times.

    3. How will your course involve computer technology as an integral part of the course content?


    In general, students should be expected to demonstrate, in a concrete and documented way, their skills or knowledge of the computer technology used in the course. As an example, in an art or theater design course, students may use CAD software. Students might be required to present a final project as a CAD document.

    4. How will your students' competence in the use of computer technology be assessed in this course?



    IV. Approvals

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