• Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC)

    The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC) is a standing University committee. UCC’s work is focused on the Hamline Plan and requirements and educational experiences that are consistent with University learning outcomes and best practices. The UCC is committed to faculty ownership and control of the undergraduate curriculum.  Read our full charge here.

    Hamline Plan Proposal Forms

    The new Hamline Plan Application Form is now live.  

    • Writing Intensive
    • Formal Reasoning
    • Quantitative Reasoning
    • Liberal Education as Practice

    For components to appear on the Piperline course listings for the start of registration (November 17) for Spring ’15 courses the UCC submission deadline is October 29, 2014. 

    Hamline Plan Learning Outcomes Assessment

    Aligning Goals to Assignments
    Comprehensive assessment resources can be found here.

    Hamline Plan Letters Under Construction Fall 2014:  

    • Speaking Intensive
    • Disciplinary Breadth
    • Cultural Diversity
    • Independent Critical Inquiry and Information

    Current forms are still available for short-term use, if needed for Winter ’15 and Spring ’15 courses.  For Fall ’15 and beyond, new applications for these components will be required through the new forms.
    Cultural Breadth (G, I, L)
    Disciplinary Breadth (F, H, N, S)
    Individual Ability in Learning (Q)
    Speaking Intensive (O)