• Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC)

    The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC) is a standing University committee. UCC’s work is focused on the Hamline Plan and requirements and educational experiences that are consistent with University learning outcomes and best practices. The UCC is committed to faculty ownership and control of the undergraduate curriculum.  Read our full charge here. 

    Hamline Plan Application Forms

    The revised 2015 Hamline Plan Application Form is now live for all components.  

    Learning outcomes, rubrics, and other resources are available on your Hamline Plan Blackboard site.

    A summary of the Hamline Plan Learning Outcomes (revised 2015) is available here.

    Hamline Plan Changes, March 2015

    Old HP

    New HP 2015


    Q, Independent Critical Inquiry

    Q, Independent Critical Inquiry and Information Literacy

    New application required. All “old” Q’s will be removed.

    Note: Fall 2015 courses with Q components will require the new application to be submitted to UCC no later than March 24. The deadline is necessary for applications to be approved prior to the Registrar’s March 26 deadline for uploading to Piperline prior to April 20th registration period.

    G, I, L Cultural Breadth

    D, Diversity

    G, I, L, designation has been converted to D, Diversity.

    All current G, I, L courses will continue to carry a diversity component but will be designated with “D.” Fall 2015 is a transition semester. Instructors have the opportunity to try out the new learning outcomes and experiment with assignments that may generate assessment artifacts. If integration of the new “D” learning outcomes does not prove appropriate for a particular course, a request to drop the designation should be submitted to the registrar.

    Note: For study abroad (L) one “D” will be credited to the student's transcript, not a D for each individual course in the overseas program.

    O, Speaking Intensive

    O, Speaking Intensive

    This component remains on courses. Attention to the new learning outcomes and assessment expectations is essential.

    F, H, N, S, Disciplinary Breadth

    F, H, N, S, Disciplinary Breadth

    These components remain on courses.

    Hamline Plan Learning Outcomes Assessment

    Faculty who teach Hamline Plan courses are expected to collect artifacts for all learning outcomes but not to assess that student work each semester.  Rather, this artifact collection will support university-wide assessment projects, where faculty come together periodically to discuss artifacts, student learning, and instruction.  Comprehensive collection is also vital to accreditation requirements.

    Aligning Goals to Assignments
    Comprehensive assessment resources can be found here.