• International and Off-Campus Programs Committee

  • International and Off-Campus Programs Committee

    Established in November 2008, the committee serves as a reviewing, approving, and advisory body for the International/Off-campus Programs Assistant Dean to further and support continued internationalization of the university. 

    Committee Charge:

    The committee shall serve as a reviewing, approving, and advisory body for International and Off-Campus Programs (IOCP), promoting and supporting continued internationalization of the University.  IOCP committee members are committed to open communication, seeking input from faculty in their respective schools.  Members are asked to report back to their faculties via reports at the faculty school faculty meetings.

    The committee shall have a faculty chair, elected by the voting members.  The chair in consultation with the Director of IOCP will set the agenda and preside at the meetings.

    The membership of the committee consists of seven voting members and three non-voting members.  The three non-voting members are the Assistant Dean of Students, the Assistant Director of International/Off-Campus Programs, and the Associate Director of International/Off-Campus Programs.  The Director of International/Off-Campus Programs is a standing member of the committee with voting privileges.  The other six voting members are faculty from across the University as follows:  three from the CLA, two from the HSB, and one from the HSE.  IOCP members are elected by their respective schools to two year terms, on a rotating basis.  The committee will: 

    • Advise the Provost on International Students and Scholars university policy and procedures, and other university policies related to the internationalization of the curriculum.  
    • Advise the Director of International/Off-Campus Programs on programs for incoming international students.
    • Review and approve all short-term programs (HSE/HSB Seminars, J-term and May-term) as submitted to the IOCP committee from the Dean of each school.
    • Review and approve student candidate applications for semester- and year-long study abroad .**
    • Review, interview, and approve student candidates for post-graduate fellowships (Fulbright, Rhodes, Truman, Goldwater, Marshall, etc.)
    • Conduct pre-arrival academic advising sessions for newly admitted international students.
    • Facilitate continued growth of international programs at Hamline University.

      **Student applicants whose applications are denied shall be afforded an opportunity to revise and resubmit the declined proposals, which shall be reconsidered by the committee.  The committee will only approve the applicant in extraordinary circumstances.  The student resubmits the application by meeting with a study abroad advisor.  Student will then be required to submit a letter of appeal and a supporting letter from his/her faculty advisor clearly articulating why the initial decision should be reconsidered.  The voting members of the IOCP committee will have 10 working days to respond to the appeal.  The decision of the voting members of the IOCP committee is final.

    Download report on the international student and scholar population at Hamline University, Fall 2011.