• Hamline University IRB Proposal

    For all researchers except those in the School of Education 

    Section I

    Title of Proposal:


    Investigator telephone:

    Investigator email:

    Department chair:

    Department chair telephone:

    Department chair email:


    Purpose of study:



    All externally funded projects and all projects involving vulnerable populations must be reviewed by the IRB; however the Code of Federal Regulations states that some projects do not require full IRB review. These include:

    “research conducted in established or commonly accepted educational settings, involving normal educational practices...” [45 CFR 46.101(b)].” 

    “Also exempt is research using educational tests, survey procedures, interview procedures or observations of public behavior, to the degree that such research protects the subjects' confidentiality. Further, certain kinds of research involving no more than minimal risk are eligible for "expedited review" (45 CFR 46.110), and are published as a Notice in the Federal Register.”

    Section II

    If you believe your project is exempt or eligible for expedited review, check the box below and complete part F in Section III.

    Project is exempt or eligible for expedited review?

    If you do not believe your project is exempt or eligible for expedited review, complete all items in Section III for a full review.

    Section III

    A.  Other institutions, organizations, IRBs, or external sources of funding affiliated with project:

    B.  Experimental participants and how they will be recruited

    C.  If your participants are from vulnerable populations (children, pregnant women, prisoners, people with developmental disabilities, or members of politically disadvantaged groups), state the rationale for their inclusion and explain how you will protect them from risk.

    D.  Include a summary description for the research procedures

    E.  If applicable, identify resources to protect participants from any negative effects (these might include information about health services, crisis centers, or counseling services.

    F.  In addition to completing this form, email a copy of the consent form that your participants, their parents, or authorized individuals will sign.  It should include the following:

    1. A statement about the purposes of the research, to the extent that such a statement will not bias participants or reveal the research hypothesis.
    2. The expected duration of the subject's participation.
    3. A description of the procedures and tasks.
    4. A description of risks or discomforts.
    5. A description of any benefits that might accrue to the participant.
    6. A statement describing how the confidentiality of the participant will be protected and how data will be protected.
    7. Contact information for both the investigator and the Hamline IRB.
    8. A statement that participation is voluntary and that refusal to participate or to discontinue ongoing participation will incur no penalties.

    G.  If applicable, explain how you will debrief and provide feedback to your participants.

    If you have any questions about this form, please email Matt Olson.