• Faculty Council

  • Faculty Council

    Welcome to the home page for faculty council. Formed pursuant to a constitution approved by all faculties in spring 2007, faculty council consists of 20 elected members representing the four schools at Hamline University: College of Liberal Arts, Law School, School of Business, and School of Education.   

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    Executive Council

    The four-person Executive Committee includes one representative from each school and meets every other week. 

    Faculty Council Executive Committee for 2013-2014

    Jill Barclift


    Secretary/ President-Elect

    Dave Berg



    Veena Deo        



    Deb Sheffer



    Faculty Council Members for 2013-14

    Two-year term: '13-'15


    Hossein Akhavi-Pour (HSB)

    Mark Berkson (CLA)

    Dave Berg (HSB)

    Allen Blair (LAW)

    Jennifer Carlson (HSE)

    Kim Hartung (HSE)

    Kate Kruse (LAW)

    Susan Myster (CLA)

    Alina Oxendine (CLA)

    Jermaine Singleton (CLA)


    One-year term: '13-'14


    Jill Barclift (LAW)   

    Veena Deo (CLA)

    Dorothee Dietrich (CLA) (F '13)


    Beth Gunderson (HSB)

    Morgan Holcomb (LAW) (Sp'14)

    Pres Martin (CLA)


    John Mazis (CLA) (Sp '14)

    Karen Moroz (HSE)

    Deb Sheffer (HSE)


    Peter Thompson (LAW) (F '13)

    Jeff Turner (CLA)

    Nancy Webber (HSB)



    Members by school:



    Mark Berkson, Veena Deo, Dorothee Dietrich (Fall 2013), Pres Martin, John Mazis (Spring 2014), Sue Myster, Alina Oxendine, Jermaine Singleton, Jeff Turner


    Hossein Akhavi-Pour, Dave Berg, Beth Gunderson, Nancy Webber


    Jennifer Carlson, Kim Hartung, Karen Moroz, Deb Sheffer


    Jill Barclift, Allen Blair, Morgan Holcomb (Spring 2014), Kate Kruse, Peter Thompson (Fall 2013)