• Data Standards Committee

  • Data Management Committee

    The Data Management Committee (DMC) is comprised of representatives of administrative departments from across the campus who are liaisons with the Information Technology department. The DMC provides feedback to the Information Technology(IT) department as requested and also disseminates information from IT back to constituents with regards to computer systems. 

    Committee Members

    Catherine Adams     Academic Advising
    Matt Beehr Institutional Research 
    Mark Berg Development
    Chris Berry Information Technology
    Craig Cahill Development
    Coleen Clish Law School Registrar
    Judy Dehnel Student Accounts
    Emy Farley Registration and Records
    Sally Gerlach Institutional Research
    Jason Gerstenkorn         International and Off Campus Programs
    Michael Hand Graduate Admissions
    Jason Jacobson Academic Advising
    Terra Jackson Admissions 
    Kim LaMere Student Affairs
    Amy Luitjens Law School Admissions
    Dan Musial Information Technology
    Jonathan Neilson Bush Library
    Tom Nicholson Information Technology
    Carey Otto Safety and Security
    Ben Phillip Center for Teaching and Learning
    Steve Rose Human Resources
    Anthony Schroeder Information Technology
    Gwenn Sherburne Registration and Records
    Mary Heather Smith Institutional Research
    Kathy Spray Financial Aid
    Lori Standafer Finance
    Katrina Teppen Law School
    Tim Traffie Registration and Records
    Milyon Trulove Admissions
    Wendy Wendt VanGuilder     Payroll
    Tracy Williams Institutional Research