• Budget Advisory Committee

    Charge to the Committee

    The Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) is charged with assisting in the development of financial strategies that support the university’s vision and strategic directions. The focus of the committee is to advise on the alignment of financial plans with strategic priorities both for the current fiscal year and with regard to long-range planning. The BAC is a working group, as opposed to an “advise-and-consent” committee. Working directly with designated members of the Finance Department, the BAC fulfills its charge as it assists in the development of financial strategies and models, together with annual budgets and long-range planning.  The BAC presents its recommendations directly to the President. 

    Ex Officio Members, 2015-16

    Tony Grundhauser
    Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations

    Marcela Kostihová
    Interim Dean of the College of Liberal Arts

    John Matachek
    Interim Provost, Co chair

    Anne McCarthy
    Dean of the School of Business

    Terry Metz
    University Librarian

    Alan Sickbert
    Dean of Students

    Nancy Sorenson
    Dean of the School of Education

    Margaret Tungseth
    Senior Vice President for Business, Finance, and Technology
    Co chair

    Jason Verdugo
    Athletic Director

    Cathy Wassberg
    Vice President and General Counsel

    Term Committee Members, 2015-16 

    Matt Beehr
    Staff Representative, 2015-17

    Jennifer Carlson (HSE)
    Faculty Council Representative, 2014-2016 

    Sandra Immerman
    Staff Representative, 2013-16

    Mary Rockcastle (CLA)
    Faculty Council Representative, 2015-17
    Vice chair

    Rob Routhieaux (HSB)
    Faculty Council Representative, 2015-2017 

     Staff for the Committee, 2015-16

    Michelle Hegarty, Senior Associate Vice President for Finance

    Amanda Roll-Kuhne, Operations Director and Executive Assistant to the Provost
    Richelle Wesley, Director of Finance