• 2017 Commencement Weekend

  • Senior Commencement Speaker Application

    Fill out the commencement speaker application by clicking below.

    Apply Now 

    Application is due April 15, 2016.

    The qualifications for commencement speaker are as follows:

    • Hamline University undergraduate student who will graduate in the academic year
    • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher
    • Good disciplinary standing
    • Exemplify leadership, scholarship, and service during their time at Hamline

    What do I need to do?
    Qualified and interested students must nominate themselves by completing the online application. The application requires you to complete two essay questions: (provide a 300-500 word synopsis or overview of your speech)

    Selection committee will meet in mid-April to narrow down candidates. Tryouts for finalists will take place April 21, 2016. 

    Contact the Dean of Student's Office at 651-523-2421 or an-studentaffairs@hamline.edu.