• Women's Studies Major

    Major Requirements

    Ten courses make up the major, at least six must be at the 3000- level or higher:

    • Two women’s studies courses from the arts or humanities divisions
    • Two women’s studies courses from the social sciences or science divisions
    • One women’s studies course that addresses women’s diverse experiences relating to race, ethnicity, national, or global status
    • One internship or other field experience
    • One approved elective
    • (PHIL 3250: Feminist Philosophy may be substituted for WSTD 3850 with approval of the Women’s Studies program director)


    Three of these courses, in addition to Feminist Theory, Senior Seminar, and the internship, must be upper-division courses. Appropriate WSTD topics courses may also be used to fulfill the distribution requirements from the arts, humanities, and social and natural sciences.

    Courses in women’s studies are offered at all ACTC campuses, so there is a potential for duplication of content. Credit will not be given toward the major for two courses that overlap substantially in content. Students must consult with the women’s studies director to avoid duplicating courses.

    Transfer Students

    Century College students who transfer to Hamline University with a women's studies certificate may finish a major in women's studies by completing the six courses below.  Students who transfer to Hamline University from other colleges and universities who wish to complete a major or minor in women's studies are urged to consult with the director of women's studies immediately upon transfer.

    • WSTD 3990: Internship
    • Three elective courses (two must be upper-division)
    • (PHIL 3250: Feminist Philosophy may be substituted with approval of the women's studies director)
  • Law School Early Admission (3-3) Option

    Students seeking to enter law school may pursue this major through the Law School Early Admission (3-3) Program. If interested, meet with the Women's Studies Department Chair and a Legal Studies faculty member by the end of your first year at Hamline.

    Visit the Law School Early Admission (3-3) Program for more details.