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    Women's Studies Awards & Honors

    Women's Studies Honor Society

    Hamline’s chapter of the Women's Studies Honor Society - Iota Iota Iota - was established in 2004 and recognizes the outstanding academic achievements of students in women’s studies. Its members strive to maintain the values central to women’s studies: egalitarianism, inclusiveness, and a celebration of the diversity of women’s experiences. The Greek letter, Iota, which is the ninth letter of the Greek alphabet corresponding to the English letter “I,” was selected for our Society’s name to represent the three goddesses: 

    •  Inanna, goddess of the Sumer region, was the Queen of the Land, the source of Earth’s life blood. She renewed her virginity each year by descending into the underworld. In some mythologies, the virgin goddess Inanna is a wild, lusty, unsubdued woman; 
    • Ishtar, Great goddess of Babylonia, is also known as “Star” and was the Light of the World, the Lawgiver, and the Queen of all Men. Ishtar is the Audacious Truthsayer -- she is unafraid, naming problems, boldly telling how it is; and 
    • Isis, Goddess of ancient Egypt, was the goddess from whom all else arose -- she is the Creator, the Giver of Life, and the Mother of All.

    Hamline is home to the Omicron chapter of this national honor society.

    Requirements for membership in Iota Iota Iota include:  

    • Junior or senior standing 
    • Overall grade point average of 3.00 or above 
    • Have completed at least twelve credit hours in approved women’s studies courses

    Applications for Iota Iota Iota are generally submitted each fall, with an induction ceremony the following spring.  


    The John Wesley Leadership and Service Award for Students 

    The John Wesley Leadership and Service Award for Students was established by the Hamline University Board of Trustees to reward students who best demonstrate the commitment to leadership and service that lies at the heart of Hamline University. An award is presented each year to one undergraduate student. In 2010, women’s studies major Alanna D. Storey was given this prestigious award. 


    MISA Office Honors 

    The Office of Multicultural and International Student Affairs each year recognizes student success in scholarship, service, and leadership. Each year, women’s studies students are well-represented at this awards program.

    2010 MISA Honors
    Outstanding Service: Susun Xiong, women’s studies major; Patrice Anthony, women’s studies minor.
    Outstanding Scholar: Alanna Storey, women’s studies major.

    2009 MISA Honors
    Outstanding Service: Patrice Anthony, women’s studies minor.

    2008 MISA Honors
    Outstanding Service: Susun Xiong, women’s studies major; Pa Kong Lee, women’s studies major.
    Outstanding Leader: Choua Vang, women’s studies major.

    2007 MISA Honors
    Outstanding Service: Patrice Anthony, women’s studies minor; Ebony Baggett, women’s studies minor.

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