• Women's Studies at Hamline University

    The purpose of the women’s studies program at Hamline University is to provide students with tools and experience to guide them in understanding the situation of women nationally and globally. The program encourages development of cultural and political awareness, as well as confidence and ability to identify and challenge systems of oppression that limit the freedom and potential of all people.

    The women’s studies program strives to...

    • Provide students the opportunity to explore the impact of gender, sexuality, race, class, and ability on women’s experience
    • Develop awareness of cultural diversity and the process of social transformation
    • Introduce students to research on the situation of women nationally and globally

    Hamline’s commitment to women began in 1854 when the university took its place among the first dozen coeducational colleges in the United States. That commitment was reaffirmed in 1990 when Hamline established a women’s studies major and minor, furthering its dedication to gender justice and equality for all people. 

    Women’s studies students advance these goals by investigating a range of human experiences and social organizations from the perspectives of those whose participation has been traditionally omitted, distorted, or neglected. An interdisciplinary field of study, our students learn to analyze the forces that shape women’s lives on individual, national, and global levels. They use feminist methodologies to consider women’s contributions to and locations in the arts, biology, family and social systems, history, literature, politics, sociology and society, and religion. In this way, women’s studies students examine how gender and sexualities, race and ethnicity, class, and ability organize experiences in American culture and around the world. As a result, they develop an awareness of social diversity that gives them confidence to challenge systems of oppression that limit the freedom and potential of everyone.

    Women’s studies combines theoretical, practical, and research opportunities that prepare students for advanced study and professional work in a variety of occupational fields. Majors gain advanced multicultural competencies that allow them to closely analyze texts and social systems, write critically, and speak confidently.  

    The Women's Studies major is a consortial major offered collaboratively by four of the Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities (ACTC): Augsburg College, The College of St. Catherine, Hamline University, and the University of St. Thomas.

  • Women's Studies News

    On Thursday, September 29 from 11:30 a.m.-12:45 p.m., Hamline will host a panel discussion focused on two new laws in Minnesota: Nonconsensual Distribution of Private Images and Portable Recording Systems. CLE credit is available.

    As one of the first co-educational universities in the country, early alumnae of Hamline used their education to become leaders in the American woman suffrage movement.

    Jeanne Kosieradzki, professor of legal studies at Hamline, was quoted in a KSTP-TV story regarding the case of Ventura v. Kyle. Chris Kyle, the late navy SEAL who authored the book American Sniper, included a chapter describing an alleged physical fight with former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura.