• Major

    Coursework in theatre combines study of history, literature, criticism, and theory of theatre and drama with courses in performance, design and technical production. Each season the Hamline University Theatre presents a variety of modern and classical works providing opportunities for mainstage and studio performance and production work. Student-directed and designed plays are a regular feature of the theatre program.

    The dance program offers courses in modern dance. Advanced performance work and choreographic opportunities are available through membership in the Dance Ensemble. Two dance concerts are presented each year.

    The department also operates a TV studio that produces a weekly show, and supports original student video productions. A video production course is offered regularly through the department.

    The department is an active participant in the Collaborative Research program. Majors are encouraged to discuss the opportunity to pursue advanced level study with a faculty member. The department also provides students with specialized interest the option of developing a flexible curriculum.

    Assistantships are available in the technical areas, as well as in publicity and the ticket office. All department assistants receive regular performance reviews and work as an assistant is an important part of a student’s professional training and portfolio development. Students are also encouraged to pursue internship and work opportunities with Twin Cities professional or community theatres. The department email contact list and the callboards regularly list work and audition opportunities.

    The Holt Endowment in Theatre allows the department to provide substantial support for selected students to attend professional conferences like the American College Dance Festival, the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival and the United States Institute for Theatre Technology. Majors in the program are strongly encouraged to participate in appropriate professional conferences. 

    Major Requirements

    Students majoring in theatre arts take the following courses selected in consultation with a major advisor in the department. For non-transfer students 20 credits (usually the equivalent of five courses) in the major must be taken at Hamline. Transfer students with second year standing or above must complete 16 credits (usually the equivalent of four courses) in the major at Hamline. Declared majors and minors must participate in departmental reviews conducted each semester and are expected to be active participants in the department’s productions.

    Minimum Course Requirements:

    THTR 1120 - Introduction to Theatre Arts: Stage and Screen
    THTR 1130 - Dance I
    THTR 1230 - Acting I
    THTR 1420 - Stagecraft
    THTR 3120 - Analyzing the Dramatic Text
    THTR 3140 - Theatre and Culture: Ancient to Renaissance
    THTR 3160 - Theatre and Culture: Modern to Postmodern
    THTR 5520 - Stage Direction
    THTR 5910 - Senior Theatre Project and Seminar

    One of the following four courses in design:

    THTR 3410 - Stage Makeup
    THTR 3440 - Scenic Design
    THTR 3450 - Costume Design
    THTR 3460 - Lighting Design

    Production experience coursework:

    Two credits total with at least 0.5 credits in each of the following:

    THTR 1010 - Production Experience (Category I)
    THTR 3010 - Production Experience (Category II)

    Theatre elective(s):

    One to four theatre electives in area of interest