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    Social Justice Courses at Hamline University

    SOCJ 1100 - Introduction to Issues in Social Justice

    Goals: This course will introduce students to major streams of social justice thought, including historical social justice movements, theoretical problems having to do with social equality, personal freedom, access to social resources, marginalization, and stigmatization, and the ways in which communities respond to these issues.

    Credits: 4 credits

    SOCJ 3200 - Sexuality and the Law

    Goals: To provide students with an overview of the way U.S. Federal and state law regulates sexuality and related aspects of social behavior. In particular, to examine the way that the law provides different rights, privileges, and responsibilities dependent upon one’s sexual orientation. To further one’s understanding of the relationship between the law, as part of the public sphere, and sexuality, which is generally perceived to be a part of the private sphere.

    Content: Topical areas include, but are not limited to, the conceptualization of sexual orientation, historical trends, Constitutional law, employment, marriage, military policy, and hate crime legislation.

    Prerequisites: None.

    Credits: 4 credits

    >SOCJ 3280 - Shelter for All

    Goals: Students will learn about homelessness through the dynamic interplay between theory and practice.

    Content: Through service-learning, speakers, and critical articles, students will examine the lived realities of homelessness, investigate its root causes, and identify responses and solutions. Students are required to complete 20 hours of service-learning at community agencies.

    Taught: Winter term.

    Prerequisites: None

    Credits: 4 credits

    SOCJ 3360 - Philosophy of Nonviolence

    Listed under Philosophy as PHIL 3360.

    Credits: 4 credits

    SOCJ 5900 - Social Justice Capstone

    Goals: This course will permit major students to integrate theory, knowledge, and practical experience gained in their major using a series of readings, fieldwork experiences, and a major project.

    Note: Students may request permission to substitute PHIL 5750: Senior Seminar with the permission of the faculty advisor and the course instructor.

    Credits: 4 credits