• Social Justice at Hamline

    The Social Justice major at Hamline University empowers students to become informed, active, and dynamic problem solvers. The major provides students with the knowledge to analyze current social ills and the practical skills to combat them, while developing skills related to political and legal systems. Students studying social justice examine a variety of topics in order to develop a comprehensive understanding of conceptions of social justice and social justice movements. Students studying social justice are committed to challenging inequality and injustice.

    The major is an interdisciplinary field of study. Students majoring in social justice must take an introductory and capstone course, specific to the program. These two courses inform students of historical social justice movements, current issues in social justice, and philosophical conceptions of "justice." Additionally, students must take five of the courses listed under the program's breadth of study requirements. These courses are designed to expose students to a variety of academic disciplines and practical skills that pertain to social justice. Finally, students must also complete five courses in keeping with a chosen "area of concentration."

    The student's area of concentration is the cornerstone of the major. The area of concentration equips students to effectively engage pressing issues and enact social change. Past areas of concentration include: Environmental Quality and Economic Development; Women, Families and Law; Disability and Governmental Policy; American Labor; Native American Studies; Latin American Studies; Gender and Justice; Justice and the Arts; k-12 Education; Race and Racism; International Human Rights. Any concentration, as long as it relates to injustice on a society scale and is approved by the program director, is valid. The program prepares students for work in a wide variety of settings. Students who have majored in social justice have pursued careers in legislative advocacy, politics, education, community organization, law enforcement and law.

  • Meet a Social Justice student that is making changes

    Video Spotlight

    Maria Ortiz '09 tells her story of becoming inspired to serve, advocate, and build strong communities.

  • Hamline's Wesley Center

    Wesley Center

    The Wesley Center connects pursuit of the common good with growth of the whole person through compassionate action and courageous reflection.

  • News

    School of Business Professor Jim Scheibel delivered the opening keynote address, entitled We are the ones: creating opportunity for all, on Monday, July 11 at the Qualey-Skjervold Professional Development Conference in the University of Minnesota Continuing Education and Conference Center.

    Valerie Chepp, professor of social justice studies and sociology, has published an article titled "Black Feminist Theory and the Politics of Irreverence: The Case of Women’s Rap." The article was published in the December 2015 edition of Feminist Theory.