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    Department of Psychology
    Hamline University
    1536 Hewitt Avenue
    Saint Paul, MN 55104


    Robin Hornik Parritz
    Department Chair

  • Hamline's Bishop Leonidas Statue

    Psychology Awards & Honors

    Donald Swanson Prize
    The Swanson Prize is awarded to an outstanding junior in the psychology department.

    Faith L. Murry Prize

     The Faith L. Murray Prize is awarded to the outstanding senior in the psychology department.

    Paterson Award

    Since 1961, the Paterson Award has been given by the Minnesota Psychological Association to the outstanding graduating psychology major in the state of Minnesota. The major criteria for the award are: Evidence of superior undergraduate achievement, both in psychology and in the broader areas of undergraduate education. Evidence of potential for further work in psychology. This includes acceptance into recognized graduate school programs. Evidence of personal characteristics and attributes that contribute to effective work in the field of psychology. Students at all four-year institutions in Minnesota compete for the Paterson Award, and a Hamline psychology major has received it 19 times.  

    Departmental Honors


    Goals: complete research for department honor, produce a paper in publishable APA format, and orally present research results. 

    Prerequisites: Psychology 1340 and 1350, and admission by application and approval of a department sponsor.


    September: Discuss research proposals and what makes a good literature review.

    October: Present literature review outlines and research articles seminal to the project; learn power point; write an abstract for conference submission.

    November: Begin the professionalization of the Psychology department space; second literature review draft; present a research proposal; review statistics and SPSS.

    December: Present mock data analysis; turn in APA style results section; final literature review and research proposal due; year-end potluck party.

  • News
    • Senior Jenna Potter, an English major and German and communications double minor at Hamline, was awarded the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship to teach in Hamburg, Germany. Senior Libby Otto named as alternate to Norway.
    • A group of 43 undergraduate students and faculty attended the 2014 National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) in Lexington, KY from April 2 through April 5. Students presented 35 different projects that resulted from their collaborative research at Hamline.
    • Hear about the eye-opening experiences of Hamline students who participated in this year’s Catalyst spring break service trips.