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    Applying to Medical School

    Ideally, students should complete the pre-medical core of studies by the end of their third year. In the spring semester of that third year, students typically take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), a standardized exam required of all applicants to medical school. At that time, students also begin the process of submitting required materials to the Hamline pre-medical committee for their medical school application file.

    Students must select the schools to which they wish to apply, must secure 4-5 letters of reference from faculty and others, and must compose their personal statement, describing their genuine commitment to the medical profession. Along with this application file at Hamline, most applicants to a U.S. medical school (and most in Canada as well) are required to complete a standardized application provided by the American Association of Medical Colleges. This application, called the AMCAS application, is generally available in early April.

    In addition, students should contact the Pre-Medical Program Staff about completing their Hamline Pre-Medical Program Credential File. For more information, please contact one of the pre-medical program faculty.

    Success in gaining entrance to medical school is enhanced by several factors:

    1. a high cumulative grade point average
    2. a high MCAT score
    3. indication of personal strengths, social and communication skills
    4. commitment toward a medical career (as evidenced by participation in extra-curricular and volunteer activities, etc.)