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    Kay Malmstrom Lecture in Physics

    Friday, November 8, 2013 at 12:45 p.m.
    Sundin Music Hall, 1531 Hewitt Avenue, Saint Paul

    The Kay Malmstrom Lecture in Physics, dedicated to the memory of Kay Malmstrom, is an annual symposium on contemporary issues and research in physics, and is part of the Emma K. and Carl R.N. Malmstrom Chair in Physics. Through this generous gift, Carl R.N. Malmstrom, a 1936 graduate of Hamline University’s College of Liberal Arts, gives Hamline students access to the outstanding scientific minds of our time. Even after his death in June of 2010, Carl’s legacy of supporting Hamline’s students continues to fund collaborative research.

    Innovating Your Own Future

    appeldornGuest Lecturer Roger H. Appeldorn

    Ever wonder how road signs can be so vivid at night? Every inch of the signs’ surface is covered with thousands of tiny prisms that reflect light. Physicist Roger Appeldorn developed the microreplication technology that makes night driving safer at the beginning of a career that would span more than four decades at 3M Corporation.

    In 1996, Appeldorn retired from 3M, where he worked as a technical and business manager, technical director, and corporate scientist. His accomplishments include developing the first affordable overhead projector based on a new type of Fresnel lens, establishing the 3M Industrial Optics Department (now the 3M Optical Systems Division), and founding and managing the 3M Corporate Optics Technology Center for the research, development, promotion, and commercialization of microreplication and optical technologies. He holds 35 U.S. patents.

    Appeldorn earned bachelor’s degrees in physics and mathematics from Hamline University in 1957. He did postgraduate work at the University of Minnesota and Macalester College. Hear him speak about his experiences at 3M; the new technologies, products, and businesses that were spawned under 3M’s innovative culture over the past half-century; and the challenges and opportunities new graduates face as a result of recent shifts in corporate culture.

    Questions may be directed to Tracey Peters at sw-events@hamline.edu. We hope you’ll join us!