• Students Outside with Foliage

    Career & Postgraduate Opportunities

    75% of our physics majors go on to some sort of graduate work. This ranges from engineering and physics graduate school to law and medical school. Those who don’t take this route pursue a wide variety of career options, including teaching, technical work at companies similar to where our students do internships, and real estate. As physics is a great example of a 21st century liberal arts major, we’re never surprised to hear what our students are up to.

    We hear from our alumni often, including when they come back and help faculty trounce the current students in our annual softball game, and we’re pleased to hear the many ways their Hamline education is paying off for them.

    They thank us for our focus on communication skills, ownership of projects, and community building. While often as students they complained about our ubiquitous oral exams, many have found that they are the go-to people for projects due to the confidence they developed at Hamline.