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    Spanish Internships   

    Students may choose to undertake an internship in the field of Spanish. It may be taken as an elective credit toward the major/minor, or a student majoring in Spanish may choose to have this type of experience in the professional world in place of the Independent Study. An internship is an opportunity to gain first-hand experience in the professional world, will allow you to experience work in a Spanish professional environment, increase your academic competencies in Spanish, and encourage your personal development. As a major in modern languages and literatures, you'll utilize your learned Spanish skills in meaningful work such as research, teaching, translating, assisting non-English speakers, and more. Some of our internships support community projects related to social justice initiatives. You may propose an internship that fits your needs and interest. 


    • Apply learned concepts and language skills in a professional setting  
    • Gain understanding of struggles for social justice within specific cultural and economic contexts  
    • Provide opportunities for reflection and social engagement  
    • Engage with government, non-profit and private sector entities. 

    Students who do an internship simply as elective credit toward the major or minor follow the normal internship rules (contact Lauren Kavan, Internship Program Director). Students who undertake this in place of an Independent Study must follow the special requirements established by the Department of Modern Languages.  

    Two Spanish majors have recently completed internships. They used their Spanish knowledge to gain practical knowledge as well as to enrich the lives of others.   

    Past Internship Sites for Spanish Majors (Fall 2003-Spring 2010) 

    • Aprendamos Computación – Tutor/Instructor in Latino Outreach Worker’s Support 
    • Casa de Esperanza – Resource and Information Center Intern 
    • Century College – Spanish Classroom Assistant 
    • Children’s Home Society and Family Services – Latin American Adoptions Intern 
    • CLUES (Chicanos Latinos Unidos En Servicio) – Mental Health/Chemical Dependency Group Co-Facilitator; Teaching and Materials Development Internship 
    • Concordia College – Assistant to Dean of Spanish Language Village 
    • Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Minnesota – Business Development Intern 
    • Neighborhood House/Homecroft Elementary School – ESL Elementary Teaching Assistant 
    • La Mano – Multicultural Experience Intern 
    • MN Council of Churches – Immigration Advocate Internship 
    • Planned Parenthood of Minnesota/North Dakota/South Dakota – Clinical Assistant (Spanish Speaking)  

    Additional Internship Possibilities in the Twin Cities for Spanish Majors: 

    • UltralinguaMarketing Communications, Media Production, Market Research 
    • Teatro del Pueblo Bilingual theater company with an educational mission 
    • The Advocates for Human Rights Development and Communication, Graphic Design, Human Rights Education, International Justice, Refugee and Asylum Project, Special Events, Women’s Human Rights 
    • Center for Victims of Torture – English Language Learning Tutors 
    • The Family Partnership – Latino Community Organizing Intern 
    • Jane Addams School for Democracy – Various opportunities 
    • Minnesota International Center – Administration (Board of Directors, Public Services), Community Programs, International Classroom Connection, International Visitor Leadership Program, Archives, Development and Executive Support, Corporate Relations and Special Events