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    Spanish Awards and Honors  

    Hamline’s chapter of Sigma Delta Pi, the national Spanish Honor Society, initiated five new members at a ceremony in May 2010. Congratulations to:  José Chipoco, Katelyn Buechler, Kelly Cveykus, Deanna Larsen and Paula Ruiz. 

    The purposes of this national society are: 

    1. To honor those who seek and attain excellence in the study of the Spanish language and in the study of the literature and the culture of the Spanish-speaking peoples; 
    2. To honor those who strive to make the Hispanic contributions to modern culture better known to the English-speaking peoples; 
    3. To encourage college and university students acquire a greater interest in, and a deeper understanding of Hispanic culture; and 
    4. To foster friendly relations and mutual respect between the nations of Hispanic speech and those of English speech.   

    To be eligible, you need not be a Spanish major or minor; however, you must fulfill the following requirements:  

    1. Have a  Spanish GPA of 3.00 or above; 
    2. Have an overall GPA (including Spanish) of 2.75 or above; 
    3. Be a junior or senior; 
    4. Have completed at least 3 courses in Spanish, at least 1 of which must be a literature or culture. 

    The cost of the invitation to you, if you are accepted, is $25.00, which includes a pin, a membership card, and a certificate of membership usually presented on Honor's Day or early May. Your check should be made out to Dr. Barbara Younoszai.

    If you are interested in qualifying for initiation into Sigma Delta Pi, please fill out the application form and return it along with your check to Dr. Barbara Younoszai, under her office door, GLC 235W.

    THE PACKARD/YOUNOSZAI ENDOWMENT is awarded to those students who are Spanish prospective teachers. This scholarship honors Robert P. Packard, graduated from Hamline University, for his many accomplishments and awards as a teacher, civic leader, and generous donor, as well as Barbara Younoszai for her 40 years of dedication to Hamline students as professor of Spanish and Latin American Studies,  

    THE ELIZA A. DREW PRIZE is awarded to those students who achieve excellence in their language study at Hamline University and who have demonstrated a sincere interest in the Spanish language and Latino world. 

    THE  ARTHUR TIENKEN AWARD in memory of our beloved former professor and colleague goes to a student who excels in the Spanish major by means of outstanding scholarship, advanced proficiency in Spanish and an understanding of cultural differences. 

    THE KARL VAN D’ELDEN AWARD was established in honor of Hamline’s former German professor and goes to a student who has excelled in any language major and written a work of particular merit in a departmental course.  

    THE DONALD B. RICE SCHOLARSHIP, recently established in memory of an honored French colleague, recognizes a sophomore or junior language major or minor who best demonstrates a passion for learning and a commitment to the in-depth study of literature or culture.

    Recent Winners   

    Packard/Younoszai Endowment for Spanish Prospective Teachers Prize  

    2005 Celina Martina and Marcela Sanchez 

    2006 Nathan Lee 

    2007 Jessica Feigal  

    2008 Catherine Ann Thompson 

    2009 Angela Froemming and Carolyn Johnson  

    Eliza A. Drew Prize  

    2005 Intermediate Spanish Elise Kruger and Kari Rudd 

    2005 Advanced Spanish Meghan Bethke, Marcus Hautla, Nathan Lee and Breanna Mooty 

    2006 Intermediate Spanish An Lee and Angela Hawkins 

    2006 Advanced Spanish Jacob Feigal and Will Detert 

    2008 Intermediate Spanish Stephanie Zimmerman 

    2008 Advanced Spanish  Lasheena Petznick and Stacy Price 

    2009 Intermediate Spanish Rachel Johnson and Grady McGuire 

    2009 Advanced Spanish Sarah Shellenbarger and Margaret Shields 

    2010 Intermediate Spanish Shannon Hollanitsch and Allana Marshick 

    2010 Advanced Spanish Amy Classen and Deanna Larsen 

    Arthur Tienken Award  

    2005 Christine Higgens 

    2006 Raissa Schnitzius 

    2009 Nick Svoboda and Lizzie Steinert