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    Maria Jesus Leal
    Department Chair


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    German Career & Postgraduate Opportunities

    Alumni of the German program within Hamline's Modern Languages department often go in to law school, the Peace Corps, NGO experiences, positions of clergy, public administration, and public service.  

    Kyle Frackman 

    Kyle is currently teaching at University of Massachusetts in Amherst, having gotten his Ph.D. there two years ago.  

    Andrea Richter 

    Andrea will be finishing next year at Georgetown with a Ph. D. in European Economics. She has already begun to work for the State Department on European-related projects, in part because of work she did in her last two summers at Hamline with the Council of Europe.  

    Andrew Lazella

    Andrew has his Ph.D in philosophy and is a German Fulbright alumnus. He is currently teaching at McGill in Toronto.

    Another source of intellectual nourishment for Hamline's German students is Professor David Stern.