• Middle East Studies Program

    Interested in a career in government, business and finance, or an international organization? Hamline’s Middle East Studies minor may be just what you’re looking for.

    All eyes are on the Middle East as mass protests and revolts spread throughout the Arab World. This is not the first time that events in the Middle East have attracted public interest on a global level. As the birthplace of at least four major religions and many civilizations, the Middle East has for centuries been a center of knowledge and ideas, of techniques and commodities, and, at times, of military and economic power. Yet despite the historical and cultural significance of the Middle East, the general understanding of this area and its peoples is often fragmentary and distorted.

    Did you know? Middle Eastern Studies in the United States is an exciting and growing field. Currently, the Middle East Studies of America (MESA) lists more than 3,000 institutional members. As the Middle East’s role in US foreign and economic policy looms larger than ever, various US government agencies and departments have been seeking and recruiting graduates with degrees and knowledge of the region. 

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