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    MFAC Alumni Weekend Writers' Conference:
    July 10 - 12, 2015

    The program starts on Friday, July 10 at 11 am and concludes late afternoon on Sunday, July 12
    Besides our usual array of lectures and readings that first weekend, we’ll also have special presentations just for alums. The following faculty will also be around that first weekend:  Anne Ursu, Ron Koertge, Phyllis Root, Jane Resh Thomas, Marsha Chall, Jacqueline Briggs Martin, Laura Ruby, Swati Avasthi, and Claire Rudolf Murphy.

    Guests that opening weekend include writer Kelly Barnhill who will be giving a lecture. In addition, Danielle Smith from the Red Fox Literary Agency will be joining us as our visiting agent for the weekend. Instead of a first pages session, Danielle will be participating in a synopsis feedback session. Alums who wish to participate will submit a 1-page synopsis that will be read aloud and Danielle will provide a first-blush response. 

    NOTE: The registration deadline has passed. Contact Kelly Krebs directly with questions.  

    Alumni Weekend Pricing

    The cost for July 2015 Alumni Weekend Writer's Conference is $225. Lecture Pass registration/pricing will be available separately. Check the Lecture Pass page for more information. 

    Alumni Lecture Pass Schedule

    Tentative Alumni Weekend Schedule

    11:00-12:45               Check-in/Lunch
    1:00-2:15                   Lectures/Presentations  
    2:30-3:30                  Query Letter Crit/Discussion of the New Hybrid Publishing Market
                                       (with Dawn Frederick and Laura Zats of Red Sofa Literary Agency)
    3:30-4:00                  Break                                        
    4:00 - 5:00                Discussion with Mary Rockcastle                                     
    5:15-6:30                   Opening Reception                                                    
    6:45-7:30                   Faculty Reading                                                          

    9:00 -11:30                 Workshops                                                                 
    10:00-11:00                Writing Prompts (for those choosing not to workshop)
    11:30-12:45                 Lunch                                                 
    1:00-5:00                   Lectures/Presentations                             
    5:15-6:30                    Dinner
    7:00 -                          Possible Alumni Reading/Evening


    9:00-11:30                  Workshops
    10:00-11:00                Writing Prompts or alternate session (for those choosing not to workshop)
    12:00-1:00                  Lunch
    1:00-2:15                     Synopsis Session with Danielle Smith
    2:30-3:45                    Master Class (TBD)
    4:00-5:00                   Maintaining the Writing Life with Claire Rudolf Murphy