• kate dicamillo master class

    Degree Requirements

    Program Structure

    Time Frame: 2 years (4 semesters)
    Total Residencies: 5

    Credits per Residency: 4
    Credits per Semester: 8
    Total Credits Needed: 52

    Throughout the two-year program, you gain and expand your knowledge and skill by developing your own creative and critical work. Each residency serves as the catalyst for the semester's work and explores various aspects of the core curriculum. During the five-month semester that follows, you work with a faculty advisor who provides mentoring and detailed manuscript critique through monthly correspondence.

    The result is a learning experience that is both rich in interactive experience and tailored to the works-in-progress of each student.

    Semesters 1 and 2

    Each month you submit a significant amount of new and revised creative work and critical responses to a wide range of children's literature designed to provide students with specific lessons in the craft as well as a comprehensive overview of the field.

    Semester 3

    In addition to your creative writing, you submit a critical thesis of 20-30 pages focusing on an element of the craft or an aspect of children's/young adult literature. At the residency following your third semester, you will give a lecture, usually focusing on the subject of your critical thesis.

    Semester 4

    You submit a creative thesis, a long project of original work that shows mastery of the craft in your chosen genre. At your final residency following your fourth semester, you will give a reading of your creative work.