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    Career and Postgraduate Opportunities

    Mathematics majors at Hamline tend to pursue careers in three broad areas. Some teach at the elementary or secondary school level. Others enter graduate school to prepare for college teaching and mathematical research. A growing number go directly into industry or business. Students with a second major besides mathematics often enter graduate school in that field. A degree in mathematics prepares students for a wide range of careers, not only in the traditional fields of actuarial sciences, engineering, physics or chemistry, but also in such diverse fields as biology, medicine, linguistics, law, business, and the social sciences. Mathematics plays a major role in the creation and analysis of theoretical models, and also in data collection and interpretation. A degree in mathematics is also an excellent pre-professional degree for a career in law or medicine.

    To prepare students for these careers, challenges, and opportunities, the Department of Mathematics provides a wide range of resources. We recognize that we not only teach students, but that students must seize the opportunity to learn. The Department of Mathematics acts as a catalyst, uniting diverse interests of students with the mathematical tools they need.

    Hamline graduates have pursued advanced degrees in graduate schools at:  

    • Indiana University 
    • Northwestern University 
    • University of Minnesota 
    • University of Nebraska 
    • University of Wisconsin

    and are pursuing careers in a variety of industries, at companies such as: 

    • Lawrence Livermore Labs 
    • TRW Automotive 
    • Minnesota Mutual Insurance 
    • Toche-Ross 

    Each faculty member of the Department of Mathematics is available to answer any questions you may have about courses in the department, careers involving mathematics, Hamline Plan requirements, or more general questions. 

    The study of mathematics opens a student to a wide variety of career paths. The following web sites contain information about specific careers: 

    Meet a Graduate

    Patrick ’02

    During the Spring Semester of my junior year, I studied abroad in Sweden and lived with a Latin-American immigrant family -- a perfect combo for a Math and Spanish liberal arts student! I finished those degrees in the spring of 2002. In the late fall of my senior year, I decided to look for careers related to both degrees, and I was open to exploring all available options. On campus, I was involved in the Student Activities Board and Habitat for Humanity, so I wanted to find a workplace that had various volunteer opportunities and room for growth.

    I started my career search by meeting with both of my academic advisors to see what advice and guidance they could offer. I had interned at 3M the year previous, so I had some exposure and experience in a technical work environment. Both advisors offered insight to career paths pursued by recent graduates. Not long thereafter, I began meeting regularly with a counselor at the Career Development Center. As the year passed, my counselor at the Career Development Center really became a mentor. I took skills-set analysis surveys, practiced my interviewing skills, and read materials concerning potential careers.

    I certainly valued my liberal arts education. Without it, who knows if I ever would have had the chance to take Art and Anthropology classes I really came to appreciate! A liberal arts education prepares us to be open to post-graduation opportunities. The week after I graduated, I started working at Target Corporation Headquarters as a Bilingual Benefits Specialist. I am currently a Business Analyst in Menswear, and I hope eventually to become a Buyer.