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    Hamline University provides solid academic preparation and an enriched learning environment for pre-law students. Prospective law students can major in any field. Law schools want students with a broad-based education. Law schools expect students to have highly developed reading, analyzing, writing, and speaking skills. Law firms want lawyers and paralegals who are diligent, well-educated, and motivated, and who can work independently. Faculty members of the Legal Studies Department hold JD degrees and practice or have practiced law. They serve as an advising resource to students of any major who are interested in pursuing careers as lawyers or applying to law school.

     Law schools attended by Hamline graduates over the last five years:

    American University (Washington DC)
    Columbia University (NYC)
    Hamline University
    Santa Clara University (CA)
    Seattle University
    University of Minnesota
    University of Vermont
    Washington University (St. Louis, MO)
    William Mitchell College of Law (MN)

    Pre-law students of any major can participate in Hamline’s successful mock trial program, and they have the opportunity be active in the Hamline Pre-Law and Justice Society.

    For certain highly-motivated, high-achieving students, Hamline University offers a Law School Early Admission (“LSEA” or “3-3”) program in conjunction with the Hamline University School of Law. 

    Law School Admission

    Students thinking of attending law school are invited to join the Hamline Law Students Mentoring Association, a partnership between undergraduate students and current law students at Hamline School of Law. The program pairs undergraduate students with a law student mentor to learn more about what law school is like, and hosts several events each year. Undergraduate students need not be pre-law students (first-years and undecided majors are welcome!). To find out more, contact Madina Ameerally.

    For questions on the pre-law program, contact Professor Stephen Arnott.

    Pre-Law Resources

    ABA Guide for Preparing for Law School
    LSAC Guide to Law Schools 
    Boston College Law Locator - The Boston College On-line Law School Locator lists the 25th to 75th percentile LSAT scores and GPA ranges of first year classes at accredited law schools.
    LSAC - The Law School Admission Counsel is committed to easing the law school admission process for law schools, prelaw advisors and prospective law students. 
    Law School Personal Statement 

    The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is required to attend most law schools. The following websites provide information on LSAT review courses:

    Get Prepped        Kaplan        Power Score        The Princeton Review  Cambridge LSAT