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    Pre-Law Major

    Declaration of candidacy

    Students who wish to be considered for early admission to Hamline University school of Law should declare their candidacy by filling out a "Declaration of Major" form and selecting a major in American Law and Legal Systems as soon as they decide to try for early admission. They should fill out a "Change of Advisors" form naming the undergraduate prelaw advisor Stephen Arnott as their advisor. Contact Professor Arnott at sarnott01@hamline.edu.

    Specific required courses

    Second Minor

    American Law and Legal Systems majors must select and complete a minor outside the Legal Studies Department by the end of their junior year.

    100 Semester Credits

    The American Law and Legal Systems major must complete every part of the Hamline Plan and compile one hundred semester credits by May of their junior year. Early admissions candidates must file the “Intent to Graduate” form by December of the junior year.