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    American Law and Legal Systems Major 3-3 Program

    The Legal Studies Department offers its own 3-3 program, the American Law and Legal Systems Major. Interested students the American Law and Legal Systems Major (3-3 program) should meet with an academic advisor in the Legal Studies Department early in their undergraduate career to discuss. No entry form or commitment is required. If you decide partway through your studies that the 3-3 track is no longer right for you, then simply continue on with your studies and graduate in four years.

    The objectives of this special program are: (1) to provide exceptional, highly motivated undergraduates who demonstrate academic excellence, maturity, and professionalism with an opportunity to complete their bachelor’s and law degrees in six, instead of the usual seven, years; (2) to integrate the liberal arts education with professional legal training; and (3) to provide a program that will develop legal professionals who are committed to defining and strengthening the moral and ethical values of the legal profession through value-based education.

    Successful completion of the 3-3 Program includes:

    Registering for and taking the LSAT during their junior year. Materials and scholarship applications are available on line and at the law school.

    Fulfilling the Hamline plan, all major requirements, 100 semester credits, and completing 76 credits outside of the Legal Studies Department by May of their junior year.

    Complete the “Intent to Graduate” by December of their junior year.

    Applying for admission to Hamline’s School of Law by March of their junior year and being accepted for the fall class. Please contact Emily Dunsworth at edunsworth01@hamline.edu or 651-523-2463 for more information.

    Completing and transferring back to the College of Liberal Arts or School of Business 28 credits of successful first-year law school work with a grade of C- or better to earn their bachelor’s degree.

    Download the LSEA Major 3-3 Program Advising Sheet


    Participation in the 3-3 program does not guarantee you law school admission; students must take the LSAT and apply to and be accepted to Hamline’s School of Law. Students who are not accepted into law school after three years can complete their undergraduate major and earn their bachelor’s degree in the usual four years. They may, of course, reapply to law school upon completion.

    Once students enroll at Hamline’s School of Law, they are no longer eligible for financial aid as an undergraduate student, including the presidential fellowship. However, they are eligible to apply for financial aid and scholarships through the law school.

    Transfer students

    Transfer students are eligible to participate in the law school early admission (LSEA, 3-3) program. For the American Law and Legal Systems Major, they must complete a minimum of 3 of the 4 required courses at Hamline and all other above requirements. For all other 3-3 programs, they must complete a minimum of sixteen (16) credits at Hamline toward their undergraduate major. In all other respects the LSEA program is identical for transfer students.

    Major Requirements

    Four (4) Required Courses:  

    Twenty-Eight Credits:

    Twenty-eight (28) credits taken in the first year of law school comprise the remainder of the coursework for this major.

    An Undergraduate Minor is Required:

    Complete a minor outside of the legal studies department by the end of their junior year. The minor must be one that could become the student’s major should she or he opt out of the program or not be accepted for early admission by the School of Law.

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