• Law School Entrance

    Law School Admission

    • Apply to Hamline University School of Law: Complete all necessary steps to apply for admission to the law school during the junior year. Application should be complete by March of the junior year.
    • Take LSAT and complete LSDAS application process: Students should sign up to take the LSAT test during their junior year. Materials and scholarship applications are available online and at the law school.
    • Contact the Law School Admissions Office: Robin Ingli will discuss the profile recommended to be admitted to Hamline University School of Law as a 3/3 student.

    Special Notes

    Continuation after the junior year

    To continue as an American Law and Legal Systems major after the junior year, the student must be accepted for regular admission by Hamline University School of Law. To complete the major the student must then complete and transfer back to the College of Liberal Arts twenty-eight (28) credits of successful law school work with a grade of C- or better.

    Transfer Students

    Transfer students are eligible for early admission as American Law and Legal Systems majors. Transfer students must take a minimum of eight (8) credits in the major while enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts. Transfer students must complete the Hamline plan and 100 hours of undergraduates credit to be eligible for admission to the law school.

    Transfer students are encouraged to consult with pre-law advisor Stephen Arnott at sarnott01@hamline.edu as early as possible prior to transfer.

    Law School Admission by Performance

    Undergraduate students are not eligible for ABP (Admission by Performance) program until they complete their undergraduate work.