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    International Journalism Courses

    IJRN 5960 - Internship Seminar in International Public Journalism

    Goals: To provide experience in international journalism via a student internship with a local media partner and to reflect upon the practice of public journalism as a means of engagement with various audiences.

    Content: Students conduct media shadowing and a formal internship in print, audio, video, or online journalism. Class sessions contextualize the internship and allow students to share, compare, and analyze their internship experiences.

    Taught: Annually, in the fall semester.

    Prerequisites: Acceptance into the certificate in international journalism program or permission of instructor.

    Credits: 4 credits

    IJRN 5960 - International Journalism Capstone Media Project

    Goals: To produce an independent media project in some area of international journalism for public dissemination.

    Content: In consultation with the instructor, students take primary responsibility for developing, researching, and producing a piece of print, radio, television, and/or online journalism.

    Taught: Annually (by arrangement).

    Prerequisite: Advanced standing in the certificate in international journalism program and permission of instructor (submission of independent study form signed by instructor and certificate in international journalism program director).

    Credits: 4 credits