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    Department of History
    Hamline University
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    Susie Steinbach
    Department Chair
    651 523-2306

  •  Hamline University - Founded in 1854

    History Awards & Honors

    Students are encouraged to consider pursuing a Departmental Honors Project, a major paper based on primary source materials and defended before a committee. Visit the Departmental Honors website for more information.

    Previous History Honors Research Projects

    2011 Departmental Honors Research Projects

    Conor Anderson: Revisiting the Hormel Strike of 1985-86: A Community Narrative of Disruption and Change  
    Mitchell Knajdek: History of Fraternities and Sororities at Hamline: 1880-2000

    2010 Departmental Honors Research Projects
    Christopher Matter: The Waldheim Affair Reconsidered: An Examination of National Memory in Postwar Austria
    Rachel Glissman: The Reconstruction Era in High School History Textbooks, 1971-2005  

    2009 Departmental Honors Research Projects
    Margaret Nancarrow: A’isha and Fatima: Matriarchs and Sectarian Identity in Medieval Islamic Literature
    Michael Schultz: Robots, Pilots, and the Endless Waltz of Battle: Examining Japanese Postwar Historical Consciousness through the Mecha Anime Genre

    2008 Departmental Honors Research Projects
    Sheila Kandels: The Foreigners’ Perspective of the Chinese Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution of 1966-1976
    Alicia Newman: Caught Between Two Cultures: Hmong Women Dealing with the Differentiation and Vast Expectations of Gender Roles Between the Hmong and American Cultures

    2007 Departmental Honors Research Projects
    John Tatge: A Study in the Shift from Classical Hollywood to New Hollywood Cinema

    2006 Departmental Honors Research Projects
    Lisa Johnson: The New York Times' Crusade Against the Nineteenth Amendment
    Victoria Taylor: The Saint Paul Winter Carnival: Historical Reflections of Identity and Place in the City

    2005 Departmental Honors Research Projects
    Emilyn Anderson: Gender, Class, and Power: A Study of Selected Elite Fascist Women in Interwar Britain
    Brooke Erickson: "Of Queens' Gardens": Victoria of Britain and Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary
    Leslie Schumacher: The Sublime Web: British Extra-Territorial Imperialism and the Ottoman Empire During the Eastern Crisis of 1875-1878
    Brianna Smith: Anti-Communism and Propaganda in West Germany

    2004 Departmental Honors Research Projects
    Thomas McLafferty:  Media Coverage of the 1997 UPS Strike: A Comparative Analysis of the New York Times and Left Wing Articles' Portrayal of the Working Class
    Natalie C. Vestin:  Effects of Migration on Tuberculosis Incidence and Prevention among Somali Refuges to Minnesota, 1990-2003

    2003 Departmental Honors Research Projects
    Andrea Derby: Minnesota Reporting Laws in the 1970's
    Brian Niemczyk: The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and the World Trade Center Attacks: Parallel Case Studies in International Diplomacy

    2002 Departmental Honors Student Research Projects
    Scott Chutka: Into the Bright Sunshine of Human Rights: Paper and Video Documentary of Hubert H. Humphrey's Mayoral Years
    Ben Herman: Exploring Abraham Lincoln's Mind: An In-depth Analysis of Influences Related to His Decision to Commute the Sentences of 264 Sioux Warriors during the Sioux Uprising of 1862
    Nicole Kreklau: Ripple Across the Waves: The Sensation of the Crippen Murder

    2001 Departmental Honors Research Projects
    Luke Kuhl: Pioneering Education: Methodist Secondary Education in Frontier Minnesota 1850-1880
    Brett Nichols: Development and Deforestation, Brazil. Can the Atlantic Coast Rainforest Be Saved?
    Sian Ward: The Definition of a Gentleman: 1800-1870

    2000 Departmental Honors Research Projects
    Nathaniel Bailly: Saint Paul's Landmark Center: Building Preservation and Community Revitalization
    Debra Johnson: Britain and the European Union: A Member or a Partner?
    Christopher Miller: Greil Marcus: A Study in Cultural Theory

  • News
    • The Hamline to Hamline Collaboration is offering grants for collaborative programming and/or events that enrich the collaboration between Hamline Elementary and Hamline University. Applications are due by May 12th, 2014.
    • Senior Jenna Potter, an English major and German and communications double minor at Hamline, was awarded the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship to teach in Hamburg, Germany. Senior Libby Otto named as alternate to Norway.
    • A group of 43 undergraduate students and faculty attended the 2014 National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) in Lexington, KY from April 2 through April 5. Students presented 35 different projects that resulted from their collaborative research at Hamline.