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    HSCI 1100 - Introduction to Public Health

    Goals: To provide students with a broad overview of the interdisciplinary field of public health, health systems and health policy.

    Content: History of public health, the scientific basis of public health practices, mechanisms of disease and disease spread, disease control, disease surveillance, public health policy.

    Credits: 4 credits

    HSCI 1120 - Introduction to Global Health

    Goals: Health problems and diseases are not limited by national boundaries, and in the modern world, infectious diseases can spread from a local area to an international scale in a matter of days. This course introduces students to the global nature of health problems, and global approaches to maintaining healthy populations.

    Content: Measurements of population health, global health problems, international approaches to health and disease.

    Credits: 4 credits

    HSCI 3100 - Epidemiology

    Goals: Epidemiology is the study of the pattern of distribution and spread of disease. This course will introduce students to the principle methods and approaches of epidemiology, and how epidemiology contributes to the understanding and improvement of population health.

    Content: Patterns of disease, models of disease spread, risk factors and prevention methods, outbreak investigation, surveillance and monitoring, screening, design of investigations.

    Prerequisites: HSCI 1100 or HSCI 1120 and Math 1200 or PSY 1340.

    Credits: 4 credits

    HSCI 3100 - LAB: Epidemiology

    This course must be taken in conjunction with HSCI 3100.

    The lab itself has zero credit value.

    HSCI 3400 - Health Sciences Methods

    Goals: This course acquaints students with various methodological approaches used in the fields of public health and health sciences. By studying how different methods have been applied to a variety of public health problems students will learn to use the methods.

    Content: Data collection and analysis methods, study design, qualitative methods, methods of monitoring, geographic information systems, evidence-based decision making.

    Prerequisites: BIOL 1120 or BIOL 1820; and HSCI 1100 or HCI 1120; and MATH 1200 or PSY 1340.

    Credits: 4 credits

    HSCI 5400 - Special Topics in Health Sciences

    Goals: Examine a current topic in public health by reading and discussing current research literature.

    Content: Critical discussion and analysis of a current topic in Public Health.

    Prerequisites: HSCI 3400 and Junior or Senior standing.

    Credits: 4 credits

    HSCI 5950 - Senior Seminar

    Goals: To synthesize the concepts and approaches from the broad field of Health Sciences. To design and complete a research project, or to complete an internship.

    Content: Planning, implementation and presentation of a research project or internship related to public health.

    Prerequisites: HSCI 3100 and HSCI 3400.

    Credits: 4 credits