• Public Health Sciences

    The health sciences major at Hamline is an interdisciplinary field of study through which students focus on health issues in local, national, and international arenas from a variety of perspectives. The major builds on connections between the liberal arts and the core concerns of public health, with the recognition that issues of human health are complex and influenced not only by human biology and statistics, but by all aspects of the human experience.

    The health sciences major is an excellent choice for students interested in any aspect of healthcare from the clinical applications to international aid, law, policy, and social work. Students interested in attending medical school or other health professional schools can pursue the health sciences major, however it does not include all the prerequisite courses required for application to such programs; they would have to take additional courses in addition to the health sciences major requirements. Graduates may also be interested in Hamline's Health Care Compliance Certificate which can be earned online, through an MSL, or through a JD.

    General Track

    In this track of study, electives are chosen by the student in consultation with a Health Science advisor. This track provides a maximum flexibility in allowing the student to craft a course of study which best suits their individual needs and interests.

    Behavioral and Social Health Sciences Track

    This track brings interdisciplinary perspectives to bear on understanding the social and psychological bases of health, illness, and healing. This concentration is designed to provide students with knowledge about the causes, patterns, and consequences of affliction and disease, both at the level of the individual and the population. Courses in this concentration engage critical issues such as health and human rights, concepts of normality and abnormality, the role of medical technologies in negotiating lines between life and death, medical pluralism, the history of medicine, and health inequalities.

    Science of Disease Track

    This track includes a concentration in the science of disease. The selection of courses was designed to provide students with basic knowledge of the biological principles necessary to understand the causes and mechanisms of disease. This track is recommended for students who wish to enter professional programs for allied health disciplines or health education.