• Global Studies Major

    Major Program

    A student graduating with a global studies major will be able to:

    1. Analyze transnational/transcultural issues using field specific concepts
    2. Apply methodological approaches from more than a single discipline
    3. Formulate a global studies research question
    4. Work in a language other than his/her first language
    5. Communicate in depth knowledge of a region of the world or cultural group.
    6. Use technology as a resource for research and communication.

    Major Requirements and Expectations


    Equivalence of at least four (4) semesters of a language other than the student's first language (with a certificate of proficiency where offered, highly recommended).

    Foundational Courses

    • Ideally taken in the spring of first year or fall of sophomore year.
    • Prerequisite: GLOB 1910, declared major/minor in an interdisciplinary program, or consent of instructor

    Regional/Cultural Concentration

    • Three (3) courses focused on a specific global region or culture.

    Disciplinary Breadth/Depth

    Students will be held accountable for Hamline Plan designations earned and brought into upper-level interdisciplinary courses; students are strongly encouraged to pursue at least a minor in a discipline (and a disciplinary major if they are considering graduate work).

    Off-Campus Study

    Semester program is required--ideally during spring of junior year.

    Upper-Level Elective Courses

    • Three (3) interdisciplinary, thematic, transnational courses from designated list of GLOB area of study offerings. These are normally taken in junior and senior years.

    Capstone Seminar

    One of the following--normally taken senior year:

    Summary of Course Requirements for the Major

    • Language (0-4 courses)--requirement can be met in whole or part at matriculation; can be met in part through off-campus study.
    • Foundational courses (2 courses)
    • Regional/Cultural Concentration (3 courses)--requirement can be met in part through off-campus study
    • Off-Campus Study (semester-long program)
    • Upper-Level Electives (3 courses)
    • Capstone Seminar/Project (1 course)